Zavesti: A Launchpad for Independent Creators

As a creator – illustrator or writer – you love to create. But what about selling your work?

Selling, if not outright distasteful, at the minimum makes a creator feel uncomfortable. The holy books teach us to be humble. How can we indulge in self-promotion?

The difference between making yourself visible to your patrons’ vs shameless self-promotion is lost to most creators. Even those who dip their toes in the ocean of selling are nonplussed.

How to get started?

These are the problems that Zavesti was designed to solve. Instead of giving you a complex recipe for instant success, Zavesti provides a step by step guide to start your journey in the right direction. is meant to be a launchpad for artists and creators.

You will discover that selling is not black art. There is nothing surprising in what Zavesti does. However it does give you a framework for action by suggesting specific steps to take to make your work sell.

Why sell?

Even if you are financially well off and have no need to make the extra buck from your art, selling is important for your creative process. The greatest complement someone can give you is to buy your art.

It’s easy for anyone to say, ‘hey your work is great’. It almost sounds like a cliché.

However if a person says, ‘hey your work is great. How do I buy it”? –  Then you know that the complement is genuine.

Selling improves your work as well. Sales revenue act as a quality meter for your work. Unless you create your work purely for self-gratification, you would benefit from customer feedback. If you find that some of your works get sold a lot – then it is not because the buyers suddenly went crazy. There must be something good you are doing there. On the other hand, if sales of your work plummets then probably there is something there that doesn’t appeal to you patrons.


Sales, marketing, advertising can be either difficult or easy depending on how you approach it. The internet information overload makes it seem difficult. Everybody is proffering some advice so you can skyrocket to instant success.

In contract the team works with the creators to craft a practical step by step guide to help sell their work. The site has been launched by a group of people who have spent a lifetime helping creating marketing journeys for artists, illustrators and independent product creators. You can contact with the Zavesti team at to understand how it can help you in your journey towards selling your work.

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