Pet friendly hotel, even if you don’t have a pet

Nowadays a pet friendly hotel is increasingly required. There are so many dogs and cats owners who would like to bring their four-legged friends on holiday. If you are among them you can easily find a pet friendly hotel for your trip to Italy. And if you do not have animals at home? Maybe you would like a dog but you can not keep it because you work all day long, maybe your kids would like a cat, a puppy, or a horse! It’s not easy to take care of an animal if you do not have a garden or if the whole family lives out of the house all day long between work and school. For these reasons, this year you might choose a different destination than usual and include the presence of animals in your holiday.

Take advantage of your vacation to choose a pet friendly destination. In Italy there are many such accommodations. Usually owners own dogs and cats, accustomed to hotel guests and who will keep you company during your days. Many farms also have horseback riding or pony rides, or have goats, cows, hens, rabbits. Keep in touch with the animals in the countryside to let you know these cute animals, give them food, play with them, sometimes milking their cows or riding their horses.

If you are looking for a bit of relaxation, arrange your vacation in a pet friendly hotel, preferably in the countryside or in a small village. Taking care of an animal reduces stress and increases our ability to relate, promotes good humor and regenerates us. This type of holiday is also very useful to those who are afraid of animals. If you fear dogs, or horses for example, you can overcome this fear by contacting them slowly to get confident in the simplest possible way over a limited period of time.

Book your holiday in Italy at a pet friendly hotel and discover nature at its best, in all seasons and destinations from the sea to the mountains. You can choose from a farm, bed and breakfast, hotel. While you get in touch with animals you will not have to give up on comfort and luxury because all the accommodations always provide well-appointed rooms. There are pools, spa, terraces, saunas, restaurants, wi-fi, tv and bathrooms complete with everything you need. Pet friendly hotels are modern facilities dedicated to your well-being in every way.

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